Ultimate information about the Pirate Kings


Pirate Kings is the adventure game, and it is developed by the Jelly Button Games. The game is based on some casual theme, and most of the people are enjoying much on the game. Youths are crazy about such kinds of game, and they are spending much time on it. The gameplay is fabulous, and it is handy for everyone. If you are thinking about playing such a game, then you can download the game by the android store. It is free, but some of the additional elements of the game are purchasable. Before going to start the game the player must know some basic elements of it.

Make your island

The game is all about islands and in which we have to expand it for the more enjoyments. It gives us the multiplayer mode for playing, and the player is using such for connecting with friends. The player has to concern about the island and for that many things are available in the game. You can also steal many things by Rival Island. In the game along with you many also pirate kings are ready for challenging you.

Different battles

Battles are the leading part of the game and in which you are dealing with some highly skilled players. Any battle is responsible for your success in the game and in which you have to destroy your enemy’s islands and grab them for expanding the empire. Many attacks are happened, and you have to protect the empire by such kinds of attacks.

Grab the jackpot

While playing in the game, you will see many resources and currency. Each thing is essential for playing well. Along with all one spin wheel is also waiting for us for jackpot prize and it is active daily for the players.


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