Paths to get passes in Episode Choose Your Story

Are you looking for best simulation game? If big yes then today I will tell you about the best simulation game. The name of the game is Episode Choose Your Story. It is the best stories based game in the whole world. Millions of romantic, heartbreak, actions and much more stories are available in it. If you are a writer and like to publish own stories then must download it. You can also develop the relationship with players by using chat option.

How to earn free passes-

The passes are the essential part of the game to unlock lots of stories. If you want to unlock stories are purchase the things for avatar then currencies are must required. It’s not easy to earn, but via specials ways, you can make it possible for example by trying Episode Hack. Today we will tell you those special ways to win passes quickly.


Lots of live events are organized by the company. In the events, players show their stories and share with writers. When you join the events and people like your stories, then you will get some free passes as the rewards. Always join the events and keep the focus on detail about events.

Daily login-

It is the easiest and best way to obtain some currencies. When you log in to the game in a daily routine, then you will get free passes. These rewards are called the daily rewards. Not miss to log in to the game in daily routine.

Login to social sites-

When you open the game, then you have two option login with a social site and play as the guest. You should select the daily login with a social site because you can obtain the rewards via login with Facebook. You are also able to share stories with friends and family from Facebook. IT is the best source to make relation stronger.

Create own stories-

It is the excellent way to earn some rewards. You can create own stories and share with people. If people like your stories then you will get free rewards. In the rewards, lots of items are available like passes, gems and much more.

Purchase from real money-

After applying all ways when you have no option remind, and you want some passes then you should purchase from the store. On store lots of value packs are available. When you pay the payment of pack, then you will receive some amount of passes.

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