Matchington Mansion – How to Earn Currency in Both Types?

Matchington Mansion is the game which includes under the category of puzzle game. In it, gamers have to solve a number of match-3 puzzles which are provided in it. In the game, there are numbers of events or objectives present which gamers need to complete as to go far in Matchington Mansion. In it, there are mainly 2 main types of currency present in the form of coins and stars.

Two types of currency in it

Below are the main two types of currency present in the game, and also their earning methods are given. Players have to know these methods as to ear currency and also to make progress in Matchington Mansion –

•         Stars – One main thing which gamers need to know is that it is a premium type of currency in it. Players earn them by completing events, objectives, and challenges in it.

•         Coins – It is a common type of currency which is present tin Matchington Mansion that players earn by completing lots of essential tasks and activities.

So, these are the best and top-class methods to earn a significant amount of coins as well as stars. You can also buy these both types of currency by using in-app purchases.

Use boosters

It is the best and main task to make a deal with. Gamers simply have to know that they require some boosters to make progress in Matchington Mansion. If you make use of the boosters to solve match-q puzzles in Matchington Mansion, then it becomes easier for you to make progress in it.

It is the only best way to make progress in Matchington Mansion by solving puzzles. Also, you can get entire information about it is by reading Matchington Mansion Review. The more you use boosters, the more levels you complete in it.

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